Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
3794 Shedage 20/March/1991 Maratha B.E Mumbai
3793 Konde 2/December/1991 Maratha CA Pune
3792 Patil 15/February/1990 Maratha Diploma Pune
3791 Anpat 8/June/1996 Maratha B.A Satara
3790 Bhondave 31/August/1991 Maratha B.E Mumbai
3789 Kamthe 3/December/1991 Maratha MS Misicaga
3787 Sarade 22/June/1994 Maratha M.A Kem
3786 Laigude 19/November/1996 Maratha M.Com Pune
3785 Ghorpade 18/June/1992 Maratha MCA Pune
3784 JAGDALE 21/February/1993 Maratha MS Secunderabad
3780 Rane 28/June/1991 Maratha M.Tech Pune
3778 Lomate 5/February/1995 Maratha B.Tech Pune
3773 Ghatage 18/April/1991 Maratha B.Sc Mumbai
3772 Patil 1/April/1990 Maratha Diploma Sangli
3761 Korade 21/August/1993 Maratha B.Sc Nashik
3760 Sathe 2/April/1993 Maratha B.Tech Pune
3756 Kshirsagar 17/February/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
3755 Shinde 16/June/1991 Maratha MCA Pune
3754 Jadhav 19/July/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
3752 Patil 21/January/1990 Maratha M.Tech Pune
3751 Kale 17/October/1994 Maratha B.E pune
3750 Mohite 20/June/1989 Maratha MBA Bengaluru
3742 Kokane 23/June/1989 Maratha B.E Israel
3739 Nalawade 5/June/1991 Maratha B.E Mumbai
3735 Khaire 18/March/1991 Maratha MCA Pune
3729 Dighe 2/December/1991 Maratha B.Com Pune
3728 Jagdale 14/December/1992 Maratha MBA Satara
3726 Bagal 21/February/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
3714 Kadam 13/November/1988 Maratha B.Com Mumbai
3711 Jadhav 19/January/1994 Maratha B.C.S Pune
3708 Kakde 26/January/1990 Maratha Diploma USA
3705 Gujar 4/July/1987 Maratha M.A Pune
3701 Nalawade 26/December/1996 Maratha B.E Bengaluru
3697 Kadam 6/September/1993 Maratha MBA Mumbai
3693 Suryawanshi 1/March/1990 Maratha B.E Pune
3690 Kadam 6/March/1993 Maratha Diploma Mumbai
3687 Patil 20/February/1988 Maratha B.E Pune
3678 Humbe 12/September/1993 Maratha B.E Kalyan
3671 Patil 30/August/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
3667 Jadhav 18/December/1993 Maratha MBA Frankfurt
3662 Nikam 4/December/1994 Maratha MBA Mumbai
3660 Mhaske 30/April/1992 Maratha MBA Pune
3659 Deshmukh 25/July/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
3655 Chavan 11/February/1986 Maratha B.E Dubai
3653 Babar 3/August/1985 Maratha MCA Pune
3652 Chavan 15/December/1989 Maratha B.A Mumbai
3645 Nalawade 4/December/1991 Maratha B.E Airoli
3641 Khalate 9/December/1994 Maratha M.E Baramati
3634 Karwande 15/January/1989 Maratha B.Com Bhosari
3633 Mohite 30/March/1994 Maratha B.E Vita