Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
9783 Savarde 12/February/1997 Maratha B.E Pune
9769 Deshmukh 6/June/1994 Maratha M.Tech Mumbai
9768 Pawar 13/March/1992 Maratha M.Tech Pune
9762 Patole 2/June/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
9743 Patil 15/June/1996 Maratha B.Tech Kolhapur
9742 Mhaske 16/March/1990 Maratha PGDM Mumbai
9739 Nikam 4/July/1989 Maratha M.Tech Thane
9737 Jagdale 20/August/1991 Maratha MCA Pune
9723 Patil 30/November/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
9722 Gharge 28/April/1994 Maratha MBBS Sangli
9719 Hon 26/May/1994 Maratha M.Tech Chennai
9711 Dumane 19/August/1995 Maratha B.E Pune.
9706 Pawar 12/February/1993 Maratha MBA Pune
9705 Kadam 18/April/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
9704 Sawant 9/April/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
9701 Shete 24/April/1994 Maratha MS Stuttgart
9697 Dhere 20/November/1996 Maratha Phd Other
9691 Choudhari 27/December/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
9673 Kale 11/February/1994 Maratha M.E Pune
9671 Bankhele 21/August/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
9663 Mhaske 15/July/1990 Maratha MS Berlin
9662 Patil 14/April/1990 Maratha MBA Pune
9651 Kalambe 22/July/1995 Maratha MBA Pune
9649 Kaware 8/October/1993 Maratha MS Other
9645 Yewale 12/December/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
9644 Surve 6/March/1996 Maratha B.E Mumbai
9642 Pachpute 4/December/1997 Maratha B.E Pune
9639 Nirmale 28/October/1991 Maratha B.E Pune
9637 Chavan 28/May/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
9627 Dumbre 12/September/1993 Maratha MBA Kolhapur
9623 Salunkhe 29/October/1992 Maratha B.E Navi Mumbai
9620 Zadokar 9/April/1991 Maratha MCA Pune
9604 Jadhav 30/December/1993 Maratha Phd Pune
9601 Nerlekar 6/October/1994 Maratha MBA Mumbai
9598 Kale 11/December/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
9596 Desai 6/November/1991 Maratha M.Tech Pune
9593 Chavan 14/September/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
9592 Dhaygave 17/July/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
9590 Darkunde 13/April/1992 Maratha MBA Pune
9587 Patil 1/September/1994 Maratha B.E Solapur
9585 Kakade - Inamdar 23/July/1992 Maratha B.E
9576 Shinde 16/October/1994 Maratha M.Pth Latur
9575 Pawar 12/January/1995 Maratha B.E London
9574 Mane 27/August/1991 Maratha B.E Pune
9573 Shinde 23/May/1995 Maratha B.Sc Satara
9561 Chavan 20/March/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
9516 Dongare 25/August/1995 Maratha B.Tech Pune
9512 Pawar 17/November/1991 Maratha B.E Sweden
9504 Shelke 4/September/1989 Maratha B.E Pune
9493 Chavan 16/November/1992 Maratha B.E Thane