Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
4292 Pawar 5/June/1995 Maratha B.B.A Pune
4290 Patil 14/December/1990 Maratha B.E Nashik
4284 Jagtap 21/May/1994 Maratha MBA Mumbai
4278 Adhav 20/September/1991 Maratha B.E Ahmednagar
4275 Tetame 21/June/1990 Maratha B.E Mumbai
4255 Kskade 8/February/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
4249 Shinde 31/March/1993 Maratha B.E Mumbai
4248 Beloshe 13/November/1994 Maratha MD Satara
4232 Bhosale 22/March/1993 Maratha M.Tech
4231 Punde 15/July/1989 Maratha B.E Pune
4227 Sashte 15/December/1992 Maratha B.Com Pune
4223 Supugade 25/December/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
4222 Phadtare 18/June/1993 Maratha MCA Pune
4218 Ghadge 10/August/1994 Maratha LLB Bengaluru
4217 Jagtap 8/June/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
4216 Jadhav 16/January/1991 Maratha M.Tech Pune
4214 Bambaras 14/September/1989 Maratha MBA Pune
4212 Hajare 3/October/1995 Maratha MS USA
4206 UNDE 22/January/1997 Maratha BMS Mumbai
4204 salunkhe 23/September/1994 Maratha MS USA
4202 Rasal 13/February/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
4200 Warake 8/October/1992 Maratha M.Tech Pune
4195 PAWAR 13/October/1991 Maratha MCA Goregaon West Mumbai
4192 Jadhav 22/August/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
4184 Pawar 26/December/1991 Maratha MBA Mumbai
4181 Lugade 21/March/1993 Maratha MBA Hyderabad
4180 Patil 7/May/1998 Maratha B.E Kolphapur
4179 Kale 31/October/1987 Maratha B.E Pune
4178 Kale 31/October/1987 Maratha B.E Pune
4172 Mohite 17/June/1994 Maratha MS Pune
4165 Yadav 22/November/1992 Maratha M.Tech Pune
4164 Pingale 2/April/1987 Maratha B.E Pune
4160 Shelke 2/May/1987 Maratha B.E Mumbai
4152 Shinde 4/July/1993 Maratha M.Tech Satara
4150 Tambe 27/September/1996 Maratha Diploma Pune
4138 Shinde 3/June/1994 Maratha B.Pharm Wai
4136 Gawade 26/September/1992 Maratha MS USA
4129 Dethe 21/February/1991 Maratha B.E Pune
4122 Bahir 27/August/1993 Maratha MCA Pune
4119 Patil 2/June/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
4116 Palkar 1/January/1985 Maratha PGDM
4115 Shivankar 29/May/1994 Maratha B.Com Satara
4110 Mane 5/August/1989 Maratha Other Pune
4109 Pawar 12/August/1990 Maratha MS USA
4108 Suryawanshi 20/August/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
4103 Deshmukh 13/November/1993 Maratha B.E Mumbai
4102 Jagtap 18/October/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
4101 Chavan 6/June/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
4100 Jagtap 18/November/1994 Maratha B.Arch Mumbai
4099 Jadhav 12/September/1994 Maratha B.E Mumbai