Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
11235 Zende 7/October/1993 Maratha MBA Other
11225 Chavan 24/March/1992 Maratha MBA Pune
11177 Desai 9/February/1992 Maratha M.Sc Pune
11174 Patil 21/October/1999 Maratha B.Tech Pune
11171 Nale 1/April/1991 Maratha M.Tech Pune
11170 Katkar 25/April/1993 Maratha MBA Mumbai
11168 Randive 15/January/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
11099 Mulik 4/July/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
11040 Ghadge 4/June/1996 Maratha MBA Pune
11039 Zambare 1/February/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
11038 Wagh 8/June/1997 Maratha MBA Pune
11017 Jadhav 10/June/1995 Maratha B.Tech Pune
11012 Chavan 21/August/1993 Maratha M.Tech Karad
10994 Jadhav 12/August/1992 Maratha M.Sc Pune
10989 Patil 17/April/1991 Maratha MBA Pune
10981 Babar 7/December/1994 Maratha B.E Mumbai
10978 Aatkar 19/September/1992 Maratha B.E Kolhapur
10963 Patil 19/September/1991 Maratha B.E Pune
10959 Talole 2/July/1982 Maratha B.E Pune
10956 Maske 7/January/1995 Maratha M.Sc Bangalore
10955 Jadhav 10/February/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
10953 Suryawanshi 13/February/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
10952 Jagdale 5/May/1996 Maratha B.B.A Pune
10951 Mungase 12/May/1985 Maratha B.E Pune
10949 Gongane 3/June/1992 Maratha M.E Pune
10945 Satre 11/April/1995 Maratha PG Diploma Phaltan
10933 Deshmukh 24/December/1986 Maratha MCS Pune
10932 Pagar 18/August/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
10931 Deshmukh 4/December/1991 Maratha MBA Pune
10930 Khaire 17/June/1995 Maratha Diploma Pune
10928 Kawale 2/June/1996 Maratha B.Tech Mumbai
10922 Mane 10/May/1995 Maratha M.Tech Pune
10921 Maskar 18/February/1994 Maratha M.Tech Noida
10917 Gorade 15/January/1988 Maratha M.Tech Bangalore
10915 Patil 8/November/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
10914 Mane 18/June/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
10909 Kalwaghe 30/October/1995 Maratha B.E Ahamadnagar
10907 Khot 19/September/1988 Maratha LLB Kolhapur
10906 Pawar 22/March/1996 Maratha MS Montreal
10900 Mugale 24/May/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
10881 Rindhe 1/July/1994 Maratha MBA Bangalore
10848 Kadam 18/September/1995 Maratha MS Other
10840 Patil 13/August/1987 Maratha M.Tech Pune
10835 Kamathe 4/February/1988 Maratha B.E Pune
10819 Atkari 11/August/1993 Maratha B.E Mumbai
10798 Kadam 27/January/1998 Maratha B.E Pune
10797 Phadtare 22/July/1997 Maratha B.E Pune
10788 Shinde 7/June/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
10779 More 7/June/1994 Maratha B.C.A Mumbai
10778 Jadhav 30/January/1995 Maratha MCS Pune