Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
2775 Kasurde 18/June/1992 Maratha MS
2774 Patil 13/November/1990 Maratha M.Tech Kolhapur
2773 Pawar 19/February/1993 Maratha MBA Bangalore
2772 Patil 21/May/1988 Maratha M.E Pune
2769 Devare 21/November/1988 Maratha B.Com Mumbai
2768 Jadhav 12/June/1996 Maratha B.Com
2767 Patil 17/October/1994 Maratha M.Sc
2766 Desai 27/March/1990 Maratha Diploma Satara
2765 Nagne 11/May/1997 Maratha B.A Solapur
2762 Shelake 2/August/1994 Maratha B.Sc Dehli
2761 Gaikwad 5/March/1997 Maratha B.E Pune
2760 Tawale 9/February/1996 Maratha Diploma
2759 Gaikwad 3/September/1996 Maratha B.Com Pune
2758 Ukharde 10/September/1988 Maratha B.Sc Pune
2755 KONDAVAL 26/February/1978 Maratha B.Ed
2749 Sakpal 16/August/1993 Maratha B.Sc Gujarat
2748 Khaire 20/November/1993 Maratha B.A Pune
2747 Sarate 13/March/1996 Maratha B.Sc Solapur
2745 Jadhav 11/December/1997 Maratha B.E Solapur
2744 Nirgude 1/May/1992 Maratha B.E Daman
2742 Aire 10/January/1994 Maratha B.Com Thane
2740 Suryawanshi 3/February/1995 Maratha B.Sc Pimpalgaon
2737 Patil 2/December/1990 Maratha D.Pharm Mumbai
2736 Jadhav 11/January/1991 Maratha B.Com Kolhapur
2735 Ghunake 17/August/1991 Maratha MBA
2734 Hargude 18/July/1992 Maratha Diploma Pune
2733 Pawar 22/June/1994 Maratha Other
2732 Nikam 14/September/1994 Maratha Diploma Pune
2730 Kolte 1/January/1993 Maratha B.Sc Ahmednagar
2728 Pawar 4/January/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
2725 Patil 10/March/1997 Maratha B.Sc
2721 Patil 15/June/1995 Maratha B.E Pune
2715 Walunj 21/September/1996 Maratha B.Sc Pune
2714 More 28/September/1994 Maratha B.Sc Pune
2713 Landage 4/September/1996 Maratha B.A Latur
2706 Adsare 21/May/1994 Maratha B.Com Gujarat
2705 Bhosale 30/December/1992 Maratha B.Com Pune
2704 Bedge 29/January/1993 Maratha B.A
2702 Kurhade 25/June/1994 Maratha MBA Navi Mumbai
2701 Shinde 1/July/1992 Maratha B.E Mumbai
2700 Cavhan 7/October/1995 Maratha MCA Pune
2699 Patil 7/November/1996 Maratha B.A Sangli
2698 Shinde 8/December/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
2697 Pawar 10/November/1992 Maratha Other Pune
2695 Kadam 6/November/1993 Maratha B.A Satara
2692 Umbarkar 2/August/1991 Maratha B.A Satara
2690 Jadhav 20/December/1990 Maratha B.Com Badlapur
2687 Dhumal 9/August/1993 Maratha Diploma Mumbai
2686 Kakade 16/December/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
2685 Chavan 3/June/1994 Maratha Diploma Dhule