Maratha male (Var) profile list

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ID Name Birth Date Caste Education City
12272 Dhavale 2/September/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
12271 Bhadale 5/July/1997 Maratha B.E Pune
12270 Tekwade 8/May/1987 Maratha B.E Aurangabad
12253 Thokal 17/January/1998 Maratha MBA Pune
12244 Jadhav // Maratha
12239 Pawar 10/June/1996 Maratha B.E Mumbai
12237 Patil 7/November/1993 Maratha B.Sc Satara
12230 Pisal 13/January/1993 Maratha Other Satara
12218 Gaikwad 7/April/1996 Maratha Diploma Satara
12214 Jadhav 14/February/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
12200 Nimse 12/April/1993 Maratha B.E Pune
12191 Pokharkar 5/September/1989 Maratha B.E Pune
12188 Chavan 1/August/1995 Maratha MBA Mumbai
12184 Dhumal 24/March/1990 Maratha MBA Pune
12152 Sanas 19/December/1993 Maratha B.E Mumbai
12150 Sambavekar 26/April/1994 Maratha MS germany
12140 Shinde 23/June/1994 Maratha M.Tech Pune
12138 Kadam 20/October/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
12129 Barguje 7/September/1996 Maratha M.Tech Hinjewadi Pune
12106 Bhoite 23/July/1995 Maratha MBA Pune
12105 Ghag 1/September/1993 Maratha M.Sc Pune
12103 Magar 25/October/1990 Maratha M.Sc Solapur
12080 Chavan 24/December/1996 Maratha B.E Solapur
12077 Kadam 18/November/1993 Maratha MCA SATARA
12071 Jagtap 13/January/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
12069 Karkar 29/February/1996 Maratha B.E Pune
12049 Bathe 20/May/1994 Maratha MCA Pune
12048 Suryarao 3/February/1994 Maratha MBA Pune
12023 Patil 26/October/1992 Maratha B.E Pune
11998 Gawali 15/April/1998 Maratha MBA Berlin
11966 Chavan 18/September/1994 Maratha B.E Navi mumbai
11961 Patil 19/November/1990 Maratha Phd Sangli
11919 Jadhav 30/June/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
11866 Nikam 18/January/1997 Maratha B.E Pune Balewadi
11850 Autade 21/September/1993 Maratha MS Govandi
11848 Jadhav 19/September/1994 Maratha B.Sc Pune
11807 Shinde 5/March/1990 Maratha MS Ohio,USA
11790 More 14/April/1991 Maratha B.E Mumbai
11786 Wakhare 17/May/1996 Maratha MS Other
11767 Mane 17/October/1993 Maratha B.E Mumbai
11761 Patankar 21/August/1996 Maratha MS Fort colins Denver
11760 Kumkar 22/April/1993 Maratha M.Tech Pune
11759 Shelake 23/May/1994 Maratha B.E Mumbai
11757 Gaikwad 22/September/1994 Maratha B.E Pune
11712 Babar 10/February/1991 Maratha B.E Pune
11708 Jadhav 23/February/1987 Maratha MBA
11694 Tekale 3/September/1996 Maratha B.E Mumbai
11680 Shelar 5/November/1991 Maratha CA Mumbai
11672 Gunjal 24/July/1994 Maratha B.E Mumbai
11668 Thorat 21/December/1992 Maratha B.E Pune